Vacuum Reels

Vacuum Reels

Vacuum Reels

Our Vacuum Hose Reels have been designed to be taller than the industry standard. Being taller gives them the ability to store more hose on a narrower foot-print.  And that leaves a wider floor space area for whatever else you want to carry.

Large diameter tubing is much more comfortable for you to work with as well.  So the hoops feel more like a hand- rail, than a hose reel hoop, in your hand.

Our Electric Rewind Vacuum Hose Reels contain the motor inside the width of the vacuum reel frame.  So the motor does not add any footprint requirement to the width of our reels.

Bi-directional installation adaptability.  Simply put, all of our reels have been designed to be installed on either side of your van or trailer.

Want to move them to the other side?  Remove the motor and motor mount, install it on the other side of the reel, remove the hoop assembly and rotate it to line up with the motor’s new location- and you’re good to go.

Our Different Vacuum Reels

Standard- Height Vacuum Reels

Xtra- Tall Vacuum Reels

Low Profile Vacuum Hose Reels

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