About Us

About Us

Reel Innovations started out with one idea: Make better hose reels.

At first, this involved constructing them out of heavier- gauge steel than is typical in most reels found elsewhere and using industrial powder- coat to paint them in various colors.

But soon, innovation became our motivation, so we looked at other ways to improve the reels we were beginning to produce.  We looked at shortcomings in other reels and specifically designed ours to not have such issues.

That resulted in:

  • Heavy- gauge footplates, to better resist the humid and often corrosive environment of service van flooring
  • Stack brackets for pressure reels that support reels in a rock- solid way that prevents, excessive vibration (a.k.a, “wobble”) when in use and when in transit between jobs.
  • Floor mounts for our supply reels, that feature open, easy access to install and inspect hoses, when “live connections” are used.
  • Locations for “live connections” in our Supply Reels, that keep them “hidden”, to protect the swivels, protect the plumbing that connects to the swivels and reduces the space required for reels that use such connections.

Efficient Reels: Maximize Space & Durability

We looked at ergonomics: the ease- of- use and “comfort” that owners of our products experienced.  And we made design enhancements to make repetitive work tasks, easier and more comfortable.  (After all, reel owners sometimes do 20 jobs in a day.  And repetition of movements that aren’t comfortable can bring on a different kind of unnecessary, long- term fatigue.

So, we added:

  • Electric rewind Vacuum Hose Reels.
  • Comfort- grip, swivel knobs to our Supply Reels.
  • Large- diameter, “comfort- grip) tubing for our Vacuum Reel hoops

Innovative Reel Solutions: Past, Present, Future

We started looking at space requirements for our reels.  And we realized that there were ways to modify our designs, to make them require less floor space, at any capacity, when compared to other hose reels.  And that became a central “theme” for our design efforts.

Space considerations for our reels resulted in numerous innovations, including:

  • Xtra Tall Vacuum Reels, that have a narrow footprint and therefore require less floor width in customers’ vehicles.
  • Low Profile Supply Reels, designed to be mounted out of the way of our Vacuum Hose Reels, sharing the same narrow footprint (and overhead) width as the vacuum reels they are paired with.
  • Floor stands that get everything up off of the vehicle floor and provide cargo storage underneath, as a result.

There is much more that we can say here.  But the main thing is this:

The innovative ideas related to our products are continuing, with more new products about to be released in the near future.  They will fit in nicely with what we’ve done so far, but at the same time, are an entirely new area of focus for us.

Be sure to check our Blog for further updates.


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