Price Increases

In response to higher manufacturing costs directly- related to the current tariffs on steel imported to the U.S., we've had to raise some of our prices.

This isn't something that we planned to do, or like doing.  But it had to be.  We will do our best to be as reasonable as possible with this.


 No E-commerce on our site

We no longer do E-commerce on our site.  This is due to the fact that we are adding distributors in various areas and will refer you to a distributor if there is one in your immediate area. To place orders, E-mail or call us.

Due to rising steel prices, we recently raised our prices.  We kept these increases as small as possible. While we were adjusting prices on our site, we re- vamped the Van Specific Reel Packages and in the case of "Triangle Reel" packages, added live swivels to those packages, since our Low Profile Supply Reels really should be run "live".


New products coming soon include:

Powered Supply Reels.  This will be a project that takes a few months, as these will need to undergo field- testing for 3 months, to be sure that all is well.  Once testing is complete and motors ordered, delay time will push this project to the end of this year for completion.  But it is a high priority.


New Products Now Available:

Vacuum Reel Stand, to raise vacuum reels up off of the floor and closer to the wall of vans that we do not offer Ceiling Mount Vacuum Reel options for.

Boom Mount for Narrow Profile Supply Reels  and Low Profile Supply Reels, which mounts to the underside of the Vacuum Reel Stand and suspends those reels over the floor, in front of the Vacuum Reel, at the back door of the van.

The overall length of the Vacuum Reel Stand, with reels, including an Xtra Tall Vacuum Reel, allows for it to be installed out the side door, as well as out the back door, of Dodge ProMaster vans.



News as of 20 December 2015:

We've re-designed our popular Dual Floor Stand for Narrow Profile Supply Reels.

Our Dual Floor Stand, as you may recall, was one solid piece, that had as a central advantage over similar floor stands, that it was open, so that you could run plumbing through the center of it easily.

Of course, being built like a tank is another advantage.

But there was room for improvement.

For instance, the tubes that serve as the axle that these reels turn on, we wanted to make the locking bolt that holds the reel onto the shaft and locks the live swivel in securely, even more secure than a traditional lock bolt.

So we added shaft collars. Adding these collars essentially extends the thread length that the lock bolt passes through, so that the bolt simply can't strip out.

And we added removable T axles. This allows you to replace one if it becomes damaged, without having to replace the entire stand.

And we added a hole at the top, to serve as a location for the rewind switch for an electric rewind hose reel, so that, if you have one of these in front of your electric vac reel, you will be able to conveniently reach the switch on the stand, which is much closer to the door, than if it was on the vacuum reel, for ease of operation.


News as of 19 September 2015:

Installation kits for most vans are now available and in stock.

These kits allow you to install our reels in ways that use the minimum amount of space and leave the maximum amount of cargo space available as a result.

Kits include:

Van Model Kit Description
GMC Cargo Van Triangle Reel Configuration: Van Rear Door
  Triangle Reel Configuration: Van Center Door
  Wall Bracket for Narrow Profile Supply Reels
  Ceiling Mount for Vacuum Reels
Ford Cargo Van Wall Bracket for Narrow Profile Supply Reels
Ford Transit Van Triangle Reel Kit for Rear Door
  Center Mount Kit for Low Profile Reel at Ceiling
  Ceiling Mount Kit for Vacuum Reel at Rear Door
  Wall Bracket for Narrow Profile Supply Reels
Dodge ProMaster Wall Bracket for Narrow Profile Supply Reels
  Ceiling Mount for Vacuum Reel
Mercedes Sprinter Ceiling Mount for Vacuum Reels
Nissan NV Vans Triangle Reel Configuration: Van Rear Door
  Wall Bracket for Narrow Profile Supply Reels
More coming soon  




Latest News as of 21 December 2014:

All of our hose reels now have a specific "industrial, riveted" appearance characteristic in common.  This completes the design goals for our reels.  And the resulting appearance provides a unique "first- glance" impression that everyone will recognize and appreciate.

  photo 4578805d-995d-42a0-b411-3109a4b85d99_zps2d54dcd3.jpg


Latest News as of 19 December 2014:

We have completed the design for GMC / Chevrolet vans using the "triangle" hose reel set up as pictured in the Nissan van done for Rob Allen of Truck Mount Forums.  GMC "Triangle Hose Reel Configuration"

The next version nearing completion will be for Dodge ProMaster vans.

We are also in the process of designing a hose reel kit for Chevrolet Astro Vans, which will maximize available cargo space via having the Vacuum Reel mounted at the ceiling and the Supply Reels mounted on the opposite wall.  Although Astro vans have been discontinued by GMC, there are many still in operation in the carpet care industry, and the design should be applicable to other, current, mini- van models as well.


Latest News as of 30 November 2014:

With the completed design of the Low Profile Supply Reels, which has been designed to be mounted on the floor of a van, in front of a vacuum reel, for the narrowest possible profile, we now have a way to mount the same Low Profile Reel up high, near the ceiling.  This prevents the necessity of having a supply reel mounted on the siode of th3e vacuum reel and ensures the minimum width requirement (a.k.a. "footprint") possible in van installations.

The first such installation was installed into Rob Allen's, of Truck Mount Forums Nissan NV 1500 van and is now available as a package from us for those vans.  And it is available in 250 ft. and 350 ft. capacities, as well as in Red, Blue, Black and Titanium colors.

You can find out more here: Nissan "Triangle Hose Reel Configuration"

Our Narrow Profile Supply Reels will soon be available with our patent- pending adjustable capacity feature, via kits designed specifically for this line of supply reels. This will allow these reels to be available in 200 ft., 250 ft. and 300 ft. capacities for 1/4" pressure hose.

Likewise, our Low Profile Supply Reels will also be available with adjustable capacity. They will be available in 200 ft. 250 ft. and 300 ft. capacities.