Full Package for Chevrolet / GMC Cargo Vans: 250 ft. Capacity Ceiling Vac. Reel and Wall Narrow Profile Mounts: Black

Brand: GMC Cargo
Product Code: PKGGMCCOMBO250-BLK
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Price: $2,600.00
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This kit allows you to mount your Vacuum Reel at the ceiling and 2 NPSR Supply Reels on the adjacent wall. 

Positioning the Vacuum Reel upside down allows the Vacuum Reel to be about 3" closer to the wall than it could be otherwise, because the reel's frame, being upside- down, is not against the wheel well and therefore doesn't force the reel position to be away from the wheel well.  AND it also allows the frame on the opposite side of the Vacuum Reel to be positioned up off of the floor, which gives you another 3" of floor width.  So you gain about 6" of additional width of floor space.

Positioning the Supply Reels behind the wheel well opposite the Vacuum Reel, allows them to be in a location that is much more out of the way, than if they were installed on a Stack Bracked mounted to the side of the Vacuum Reel.

Overall, you gain about 14 inches of width of floor space in the back of the van with this package.

This package includes everything necessary to install our "Ceiling Vacuum & Wall Supply Reel" package, except mounting bolts for the reels mounted on the floor, hoses for live connections and wire to connect to your van or truckmount battery.

1 SVR250E-BLK Standard Height Single Cap. Vac Reel, 300 ft., Electric: Blue
2 NPSR300-BLK Narrow Profile Supply Reel, 300 ft.: Black
1 MTVSGMCCARGOCEIVAC Mounting kit for Vacuum Reel at Rear Door, upside down, from ceiling height.
  MTVSGMCCARGOWALLNPSR Mounting kit to position NPSR reels on opposite wall, behind wheel well.