Mount: Vacuum Reel Stand for XSVR300 Series Reels: Black

Mount: Vacuum Reel Stand for XSVR300 Series Reels: Black
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Vacuum Reel Stands provide a sturdy platform to raise the Vacuum Reel up from the floor in "high- roof" vans, which provides access underneath for storage.

Our stands are laser- cut from heavy gauge angle iron, before being double- welded and powder- coated.  They are adjustable in height from 12" (suitable to compliment the height of the wheel well of Ford Transit vans), to 18" (suitable for the height of Dodge ProMaster wheel wells), in 1- inch increments.

The MTGENVACSTAND17- series vac stands feature inset- positioned legs on one side, 4" in, in order to allow the Vacuum Reels which are mounted to them to be about 4" closer to the wall, by allowing the stand to extend out over the van's wheel well.

They also come with our "Big Foot", 4" x 8" foot plates, made of 1'4" thick steel, to spread the weight of the combined stand and reels over a wide area, for enhanced floor support.

At 17 inches wide, the MTGENVACSTAND17-BLK is suitable for our SVR250 and XSVR300 Vacuum Reels.

This one is powder- coated Black.