Mount: Vertical Dual Floor for NPSR Supply Reels: Black

Mount: Vertical Dual Floor for NPSR Supply Reels: Black
Brand: Dual Floor Vertical
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Our Vertical Dual Floor Stand for Narrow Profile Supply Reels is designed to save floor space by stacking 2 Narrow Profile Supply Reels over and under on a small footprint.

Originally designed with box truck installation in mind, so that it could be positioned up against a wall and therefore out of the way, this "generic mount" can also be installed behind the wheel well of most vans.

Like our Single Floor Mount, our Vertical Dual Floor Mount has been designed:

1.)  To last for many years. 

This has been achieved via the use of heavy- gauge CNC Plasma- burned steel to ensure consistency of it's dimensions and durability over the long term.  But we didn't stop there. 

The set screw for securing (optional) live swivels into place has been given a hefty thread length to be secured within via a 3/8" thick shaft lock collar with a 304 stainless steel set screw.  What this provides is a thread length that is virtually impossible to strip out for the set screw, as well as a material for the screw that will remain rust- free.

2.) Easy to run plumbing to and through.

The design of our floor stands (all of them) is "open" at the back.  This provides an easily- accessible pathway for plumbing through them for connections to a live swivel, if a live swivel is used.  And it also provides for easy, direct access for maintenance purposes over the years.