Supply Reel Swivels

Supply Reel Swivels

We've found a very reliable Supply Reel swivel with Viton seals, that features a close- tolerance 90- degree turn and a large nut at it's base.

It's rated at 3.000 PSI and 300 degrees F.

The large nut ensures that the swivel will fit securely into the axle of our Narrow Profile Supply Reels, or, can be mounted directly to our Low Profile Supply Reels without the need for an adapter fitting.

The close tolerance 90- degree turn ensures that the parts of the swivel remain neatly within the boundaries of the area of our Narrow Profile Supply Reels that's designed to protect them.  It also allows close- tolerance on the end of our Low Profile Supply Reels, so that the plumbing for live connections does not extend out so far that it causes the reel to be placed further from the wall than it would be otherwise.

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